The industrial model name

 Allen Wrench Kit of Inner and Outer Hexagon Head, All in One

The industrial model details

The industrial model consists of many Allen Wrench, of inner or outer hexagon, and more than one measurement at the same time, with one hand to open and close the Allen Screw or the usual screw. All sizes are available in one bag. Since the kit is only one arm, there will be a reduction in the amount of metal used and hence the price, weight and size of the bag. A binary or triple combination can be used to obtain a certain number to reduce the number of pieces in the set, thus obtaining the largest number of key numbers (from the smallest number to the largest number). The yellow pieces (of bronze) in the base of the bag can form to get the key (internal) or (external). The dark pieces of the industrial model in the lid of the bag on the left are used to magnify the Allen Wrench from a size to a larger one if the piece is inserted into the base or arm-shaped. Either on the right-hand side is used to scale from size to smaller size. Finally, the two pieces in the lid of the bag in the center (of zinc) are used to reduce (from the top of the piece) or to enlarge (from the bottom of the piece) in case of inserting the piece in the base Allen Wrench or in any other suitable piece to obtain the specific number for the Allen Wrench, all of this is from the outside, where it can be used from the inside, as a  circular Wrench and not nick because the pieces are hollow (Shell) and is designed to relax and screw the screws either from the small or large side, which may require the introduction of a piece of bronze between them and the arm or the use of two pieces of zinc or more according to the desired key number .








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