To all students

participation in the scientific training program on cybersecurity

        With the increasing reliance on the digital services provided by the University of Technology through the Information Technology Center, and the advantages these services offer and the rise of digital threats, it has become one of the most important priorities of the university to adopt the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in approving specialized programs and courses in cybersecurity to serve the university teaching staff and students.

In order to contribute to increasing the level of students’ awareness of digital threats and their risks and damages, we would like to inform you about the establishment of a scientific and entertaining training camp for cybersecurity in cooperation with the Firewall Company for Cybersecurity Services. It is planned to set up the camp in the governorates of Erbil and Dohuk for a period of seven days, including travel days, where the company will transport the participants and provide them with housing and training at a price of (130) US dollars, knowing that the price decreases when the participating students’ number increases.

   Therefore, we invite all scientific departments to urge their students to participate in this training camp by filling out the electronic information form below, noting that the camp will be held during the spring break period and according to the attached program.