Vision, Mission and Objectives

The Vision

   We are looking forward to be international collage in the next decade through the connection in knowledge, perfection in curriculum, strength in structure, competition in growing and through sharing environment protection. The vision section in the foreseeable future is to follow up the rapid developments in the field of mechanical engineering science and its applications in the curriculum of the department and graduate highly qualified and competent in the field of mechanical science.

The Mission

     Believing role in the dissemination of science and modern technology in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to develop the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Technology to be making an educational center for the dissemination of science and engineering. Dean also seeks to make the Machine and Equipment Department House informed public services and community-building in Iraq to strengthen the spirit of the search for knowledge and engineering to develop a cross-section of academics and researchers specialized in engineering sciences over more than half century in most parts of the department. Although the existing buildings to suit the department and meet the needs of the Dean of the department was keen to continue to provide tender scientific dear to students from its educational and scientific.

The message of the department is summarized in,

  • To be pioneers in serving the community through research, distinguished cultural and scientific work .
  • Working extra hard for remarkable, scientific and qualified graduates who can fulfill the needs and demands of the country and capable of competing locally and internationally.
  • Giving the students the correct modern knowledge and methods of scientific research, values and develop their personalities to the extent that they can create, challenge, command, work in groups and compete locally and internationally.
  • Develop the curriculum and improve them on the light of modern pulses and put them under periodical evaluation by depending on international standards with the consideration of local circumstances.
  • To be excellent in the field of university education on both the local and international levels and rooting the role of the university towards promoting the applied and theoretical sciences.
  • The effective contributions in protecting the environment locally and internationally.
  • Provide and reinforce the infrastructure in the collage.
  • Improving and developing scientific, research and management resources in the collage.
  • Reinforce the specialties that the colleges and university centers good at and prepare for futuristic fields.
  • Reinforce research centers to offer consultative services to the different community institutions and the contribution in solving the problems and giving visions in the local and international cases.
  • Taking care of continuing education for all the classes in the community and improve its styles.
  • Reinforce the cooperation between the collage and other collages or universities and scientific research centers in the community on both the local and international levels.

The Goals

  • Cadres provide engineering needed to construct the country according to certain requirements to achieve faster economic and social developmental goals and reconstruct the country and secure cadres which are academically eligible for teaching in universities and technical institutes .
  • Addressing the problems of reconstruction and development by conducting applied research and studies and provide consultancy: scientific and engineering through the Advisory Office .
  • Developing graduate studies as well as the precise terms of care and drafting a manner that responds to the requirements of evolution in the world .
  • Creatings new avenues for the education of engineering and training through courses and seminars in lifelong education .


News and Announcements

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