Mechanical Engineering Department holds the thirteenth student festival of General Mechanical

Engineering Branch for the academic year 2021-2022. Sponsored by the President of the Technological University, Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghaban, and under the supervision of the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. Muayed Razouqi Hassan, held today, Wednesday 25/5/2020, on the hall of Dr. Munir Al-Muzaffar, the thirteenth Student Festival of General Mechanical Engineering Branch. Under the slogan (Mechanical Engineering and its Applied Contributions) and in cooperation with the General Company for Inspection and Qualification. Baghdad Industrialist and soft drinks company. As the festival opened with national peace, then reciting any of the wise men and reading Surat Al-Fatiha on the souls of our righteous martyrs, after which Dr. (Sadiq Hussein Bakhi) the head of the branch gave a speech in which the branch of General Mechanic has been established since the establishment of the Technology University in 1975 with the aim of a A number of engineers who are familiar with modern scientific methods In the field of expertise, we are able to convert scientific theory data into practical reality through the development of scientific, practical and analytical capabilities. The festival included a number of scientific lectures, the first was titled (Orthodontics and Mechanical Engineering) by Dr. Ammar Salem Kazem from Baghdad University, Faculty of Dentistry, and the second lecture was titled (The Role of Engineers in the Advancement of National Industry) by President Muhannad Seven Star Gesture Hassan, Director of Production Operations Department at Baghdad Soft Drinks Company The third lecture, its title is (Inspection and Engineering Rehabilitation: Tests, Consulting, Researches and Work Services), was given by the head of engineers Ahmed Abdul Zahra Ajlan from the General Company for Engineering Inspection and Qualification in the Ministry of Industry and Metals, and also a number of discussions were discussed. One of the projects that the students of the fourth phase of the branch graduated in a scientific environment that promotes valuable scientific discussions . At the end of the festival, appreciation certificates and shields were distributed to the participating teachers and students. Then, I presented the graduation projects of the fourth stage students of the branch and attended them, wishing them success and success in their academic career.

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