To all students

  the status of the university gates

          We would like to inform you of the university doors’ status, as agreed upon with the University Follow-up Department, as follows:

  • The main reception section gate of Al-Sinaa Street is on foot only, for members, students and guests to facilitate entry.
  • Entry and exit through the gate of the Continuing Education Center, from seven o’clock until nine o’clock in the morning and from one o’clock until two o’clock in the afternoon, are on foot only.
  • Entry and exit through the Presidency Gate are only for members of the Presidency of the University.
  • Entry and exit through the gate of the clock are on foot, as well as the wheels designated for the presidential garage.
  • Entry and exit through the tower gate (Applied Sciences) for the floors garage wheels (teaching staff and those who are covered by the use of a multi-storey garage) and on foot as well for employees and students. Artificial bumps will be placed as directed.
  • Entry and exit through the electricity gate, the branch next to the university, is reserved for teachers’ garages and employees’ entry exclusively.