Minutes of the meeting of the committee to receive the new accepted students of the Mechanical Engineering Department for the academic year 2021/2022


        According to the administrative order No. (5 ه م ك/3066) on 12/14/2021, which includes the Establishment of a committee to receive new accepted students into our department for the academic year 2021/2022, meetings were held with students of the first stage (morning study) of all branches of the department on Monday, 3 /1/2022, in the presence of all members of the committee and some heads of branches in the  Dr. Munir Muzaffar room. The meeting included a discussion of several topics, the most important of which are:

  1. Including introducing the university and its websites and the possibility of benefiting from it in completing their academic requirements, introducing the department buildings, scientific syllabuses, classrooms and Engineering Drawing room and their numbering, and laboratory locations.
  2. The students have been notified to follow the instructions issued by the Health and Safety Committee to wear masks and social distancing in classrooms and closed places
  3. The students were encouraged to attend all classes and not being absent, and the absence system was introduced and the legal procedures when the students not follow it.
  4. Encouraging the commitment to public ethics and maintaining parental relations between the professor and the student and between the students themselves and commitment (in modest dress and appropriate speech) on university campus.
  5. explaining the procedures of the study system followed in the department and the electronic platform which is used in electronic lectures and examination, and the organization for distributing grades for all subjects
  6. Inform the students that there is no second attempt for subjects of practical nature, which are for the first stage: laboratories and workshops.
  7. Urging the students to choose the representative of each class as soon as possible, and this representative should be qualified to consider the responsibility without any compliments.
  8. Inform the students to preserve the university’s properties in general and particularly the department’s ones, especially laboratory equipment and classroom contents such as projectors, air-conditioning devices and classroom furniture, and not to tamper them.
  9. Maintaining the cleanliness of the university and the department, and following all instructions that are clarified in the form of poster in the university and department campus.
  10. The students were instructed to go to the heads and rapporteurs of the scientific branches in case there were any problems facing the students.
  11. Students were introduced to sporting, artistic, cultural and scientific events within the university and the necessity of participating in these events.
  12. Listening to the students' enquiries and answering all their questions.
  13. The students were divided according to their scientific branches to hold a meeting with the head, rapporteur and teachers of the branch and to introduce their studies in a more accurate and comprehensive manner.