Foundation of The Department

The Mechanical Engineering Department was founded in 1960 as part of the High Technical Institute long before the establishment of the University of Technology. It remains the largest department in the university with about 1000 students.

The programs of study aim to prepare graduates for entry into careers in one of the branches of mechanical engineering as well as for work in the field of development and research.

The Department offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in the following branches:

1- General Mechanical Engineering: -

Since 1975 General Mechanical Engineering plays a major part in the production of all commodities encountered in daily life. It is concerned with the efficient use of materials and energy and in this way it contributes greatly to the development and conservation of the wealth of the country. This profession covers the fields of design and manufacture of power generation equipment and all types of machines. It is as much concerned with plants that process materials as with the machine tools that are used to shape them.

2- Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering: -

Since 1976 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering, which is both important and popular in the country. It applies the sciences of mechanical engineering to the design of air conditioning and refrigeration systems and equipment. This well-established field of engineering has gained increased importance in a world where efficiency of design means savings in expensive energy

3-  Automotive Engineering: -

Since 1979 Automobile Engineering applies the mechanical engineering science to various aspects of design, production and performance analysis of transport vehicles. This field of study covers many subjects such as internal combustion engines, fuel and combustion, and vehicle theory and control. In this branch of engineering, as in many others, student’s invention and ingenuity has been applied with no limit.

4- Aircraft Engineering: -

Since 1979 Aircraft Engineering has undergone considerable growth in the last several decades. It is of prime importance for the country since it is related to defense domain as well as industry. The design and manufacture of modern aircraft requires the refinement and merging of many disciplines including mathematical modeling and computer science.

5- Power plants Engineering

Power plants Engineering is considered as the newest branch in Mechanical Engineering Department in University of Technology since it was established in 2015. It is one of the important branches due to the growing need of the labor market for engineers specialized in the field of power generation plants.

This branch aims to prepare a mechanical engineer specialized in the management, operation and maintenance for power plant since this sector has an increasing importance in Iraq and to keep pace with the great expansion witnessed by the production of electrical energy sector of various types: thermal, gas turbine, diesel and water resources plants, which requires supplement this sector with specialists engineers capable of accommodating with advanced technology.

Postgraduate Studies: -

1- M.Sc. Courses: -

The Department offers the following postgraduate studies leading to the M.Sc. degree in the following fields: -

- Applied Mechanics.

- Power Generation.

- Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

The duration of all courses is two years. In the first year, the student attends a course of studies in two terms. In the second year, the student undertakes a research project under the supervision of a supervisor and must submit a dissertation, as partial fulfillment of the degree. 

2- Ph.D. Courses: -

The Department also offers programs of studies leading to the Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering in the following fields: 

- Applied Mechanics.

- Power Generation. 

The duration of all courses is three years. In the first year, the student attends a course of studies in two terms. In the second and the third years, the student undertakes a research project under the supervision of supervisor and must submit a thesis, as partial fulfillment of the degree.



News and Announcements

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