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Two lecturers from the Department of Mechanical Engineering participate in a human rights workshop


On Monday, December 20, 2021, at 10:00 am, both Prof. Dr. Ahlam Taha Hasan and assistant lecturer Mustafa Ismael Ibrahim from the Department of Mechanical Engineering - University of Technology participated in a specialised workshop on reading human rights curricula. This workshop was held at the headquarters of the High Commission for Human Rights in cooperation with the Horizon Organization for Human Development and with the participation of specialised professors and those involved in teaching human rights and people's officials in colleges. The importance of holding this workshop comes in preparing joint strategies and mechanisms of action, preparing studies and research, expressing opinions on issues related to human rights, and spreading a culture of human rights by including them in educational and educational curricula.




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Oral Defense - Master Thesis


Titled” Experimental Study of Air Ejector Drying System Performance”

By:  Hassan Salim Jawad

Examination committee members: Chair: Dr. Zainab Hassoun Hassan

 Members: Dr. Essam Mohamed Ali

                    Dr. Suhad Abdel Hamid Rashid

Supervision: Dr. Qusay Jihad Abdel Ghafour


Mr. Hassan Salim Jawad successfully discussed his thesis on December 7, 2021, at 9:00 am, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Technology. This thesis aimed to conduct a test of the drying process for food and the process of drying and pasteurizing at the same time for milk, with a test of the cooling process using a system in which the injector is an essential part.

The major conclusions of this study are:

  • Increasing the initial pressure leads to an increase in drying efficiency, cooling efficiency and moisture loss rate for the product.
  • The vacuum drying process does not lead to product damage.

The major recommendations of this study are:

  • Using an air compressor with a larger capacity, working within higher initial pressures.
  • Using a two-stage injector, as well as using a simulation program for the numerical study of the injector system.

Congratulations! To our student Mr. Hassan Salim Jawad


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The General Council Meeting of the Mechanical Engineering Department


The department of mechanical engineering held the general council meeting in the (Dr. Munir Al-Mudhaffar) hall, December 5, 2021, at 10:00 AM.

In attendance of the Vice President of Scientific Affairs: Dr. Prof. Hayder Abed Dhahad, head of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Asst. Prof. Dr. Moayed Razoki Hasan and all the faculty members of the department.

The following main topics have been discussed in the session:

  • Enhancing the scientific level of students admitted in the undergraduate study via developing the central admission plan and increasing student approval rates at the university.
  • Re-working by granting the exceptional extending for the postgraduate students, especially for doctoral students.
  • Discussing the problems that accompanied the evening study during the current term and inducing the faculty members to move forward to support the education process.
  • Consider the exam mechanism and study subjects for which the physical or electronic exam is given according to the pre-established instructions.
  • Encouraging the faculty members to continue scientific research by highlighting the appropriation of scientific research, and publishing within the containers of scopes scientific publishing. Further, recognizing problems that restrict the research paths, and ways to advance them.

In line with the direction of the department’s presidency and a legacy that the department administration used to honour the retired faculty members and employees, the department head, Asst. Prof. Dr. Moayed Razoki Hasan, presented souvenirs in honour of their efforts during their scientific career journey, that offered to many generations various academic knowledge, educational, and moralistic.  He also presented souvenirs to the families of the faculty members and employees who passed away due to the pandemic covid-19, praying to the Almighty God to protect them in peace.





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