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Final Defense of a PhD dissertation

Titled Parametric Study for Artificial Roughness Effect on Flow Boiling of Binary Mixture in Microchannel

By:  Qahtan Adnan Abass Al-Nakeeb


Examination committee members:


Prof. Dr. Ihsan Y. Hussain


          Prof. Dr. Ihsan Y. Hussain

Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdulsattar J. M. Hassan

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali L. Ekaid

Asst. Prof. Dr. Falah Fakher Hatem

By Supervision:

Prof. Dr. Ekhlas M. Fayyadh  

Asst. Prof. Dr. Moayed R. Hasan

Mr. Qahtan Adnan Abass Al-Nakeeb discussed his dissertation on 20th December 2021 at 9:00 am, which aimed to investigate the effect of heat flux, mass flux, and artificial nucleation sites (ANS) on the onset of nucleation, flow boiling instability, pressure drop, and heat transfer coefficient on both deionized water and binary mixture (water-ethanol) at sub-cooled conditions. Further, the effect degree of sub-cooled for deionized water and concentration for binary mixture were considered.


The major conclusions of this study are:

  • The onset of boiling depends on the amount of mass flow, as increasing the mass flow of the fluid delays the boiling start of both the deionized water and the binary mixture,
  • Increasing the inlet temperature of deionized water without saturation requires a higher heat flux to start boiling. In addition to reducing the amount of pressure drop through the microwave channel and reducing the heat transfer coefficient
  • The stability of boiling depended on the amount of fluid inlet temperature without saturation in addition to the amount of mass flow and the amount of concentration of the mixture.


The major recommendations of this study are:

  • The use of artificial vacuoles enhances the heat transfer performance highly via the microwave channel
  • The use of the binary mixture can reduce the instabilities of boiling as it avoids the drying of the channel wall (keeps it moist).
  • The increase in the number of vacuoles enhances pressure drop.

Congratulations! To our workmate Mr. Qahtan Adnan Abass Al-Nakeeb











The Department of Mechanical Engineering organized an awareness lecture on (Negative Aspects in the University Community)

The Educational Guidance Committee in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Technology, in coordination with the Educational Guidance Committee in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering branch, organized on Wednesday 5/1/2022 at 11:00 am at Dr. Munir Al-Mudhaffar’s hall an awareness lecture on (negative manifestations in the university environment), the lieutenant colonel Aziz Nasser from the Baghdad Governorate Police Command presented this lecture, where he dealt with several axes, the most important of which are: the phenomenon of bullying and its negative effects on society in general and the university community in particular, and how to address this phenomenon and prevent its aggravation among students, as well as the phenomenon of drugs and their impact on youth and society, acquainting students with their dangers, causes of their spread, ways of using them, and their health, physical and social harms, and clarifying their types and forms, and ways to prevent them.

Then issues of electronic extortion and bad use of social media and the process of threatening and intimidating victims in exchange for payment of sums of money or exploiting it by publishing pictures or video materials or leaking confidential information about him to carry out illegal acts for the benefit of blackmailers, and the presenter referred to this crime, which is a trans-state crime and does not recognize within limits, where the work of the security services depends on the citizen’s cooperation with the police and security, confronting crime and not being afraid of it and reporting it, explaining how to confront this extortion by spreading legal culture among young people and increasing public opinion’s awareness of the dangers of this type of crime, educating the family and contributing to launching campaigns raising awareness and guidance from time to time, and cooperating with the relevant security agencies.





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Oral Defense - Master Thesis


Titled “Study the performance of a ground heat exchanger for air conditioning system in residential building”

By:  Saif Hameed Majeed

Examination committee members:


Asst. Prof. Dr. Hassanein Mohammed Hussein


Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Sabri Abbas

Dr. Ali Falah Muhammad

By Supervision:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Dheya Ghanim Mutasher

Dr. Ammar Saadoun Abdelzahra


Mr. Saif Hameed Majeed successfully discussed his thesis in the mechanical engineering department. The thesis of the student (Saif Hameed Majeed) aimed to improve the performance of air conditioning systems through the use of underground heat, which in turn reduces energy consumption.

The researcher concluded that when the flow rates are low (5 liters/min), the difference between the entry and exit temperature of the geothermal heat exchanger is large, and gradually decreases as the flow rates increase (10, 15 liters/min).

As for the inlet water temperature, at 80 °C and the flow rate 5 l/min, the water exit temperatures were 64, 68.2, 73.5, 76, 77 °C while using the copper coil type, U type copper pipe, U type galvanized iron pipe, PVC pipe and PVC U, respectively. The amount of heat energy transmitted was (5.81, 4.81, 2.72, 1.60, 1.32 kW) for (copper coil, U type copper, U type galvanized iron, PVC coil, PVC U type, respectively, at the inlet temperature (80 °C) and the flow of .rate (5 liters/min).

The researcher recommended the use of a soil depth of more than 3 meters, due to the stability of temperatures at this depth, in addition to the use of low flow rates, which leads to an increase in the heat transfer rate of (5 l/m) and that the use of copper metal is the best because it is characterized by high conductivity.


Congratulations! To our student Mr. Saif Hameed Majeed



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Career Development Festival - Mechanical Engineering Department Session


Among the objectives of the University of Technology is improving cooperation with public and private sectors and to highlight the task of the private sector in attracting human competencies and providing training and job opportunities for students and alumni to serve the labour market. The Career Development Festival aims to support the university's efforts to raise the level of students and alumni, develop their skills through courses and workshops, and introduce them to the labour market and its needs.

     The session was held within the program of the Career Development Festival which is held electronically by the University of Technology on 12-20-2021 (2:00-5:00 pm) according to the prepared program. The scientific assistant, the representative of the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. Mohsen Nouri Hamza, introduce the opening speech of the session, in the presence of participating companies.

The session involved many speeches and discussions between company representatives, alumni and attendees, where the alumni and attendees interacted with the companies' offers and obtained information about the labour market and its needs.

The company representatives unanimously emphasized that students and alumni have to acquire the following skills:

  • English Language
  • The correspondence language (e.g. official email style and tactics).
  • Computer proficiency (e.g. Microsoft programs).
  • Specialized engineering programs proficiency (e.g. AutoCAD program).
  • Voluntary work.
  • Planning and design.

The participants and attendees also recommend:

  1. Continuing the necessary support for such activities because of their significant impact in improving the skills of students and alumni (the Career Development Festival (personal/electronic attendance will be held periodically).
  2. The importance of working on holding training workshops for students and alumni on self-development, planning and project building topics, according to a fixed schedule.
  3. The Ziggura Group proposed creating a website called Forsaty (my chance), which is a special website for unemployed alumni looking for strategies for their rehabilitation.

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