A patent for A group of Mechanical Engineering Department Faculty Members 

Titled “Design and Control of an Intelligent Artificial Knee Joint Using an Electromechanical Linear Actuator with a Servo Cylinder”


Inventor's name and address:

  • Shaima Helal Kamel

 University of Technology / Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Prof. Dr. Mohsen Nouri Hamza

University of Technology / Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Prof. Dr. Qassem Abbas Attia

   University of Technology / Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Saad Abdel Aziz Abdel Latif,

    Iraqi University / College of Medicine

About the Patent Prototype:

 The knee prosthesis is the main component of the above-knee amputee prosthesis as it replaces the functional joint. The loss of a limb has a destructive influence on any person, especially if it is the lower limb because it is very important for human movement. A lower limb prosthesis has been developed to help amputees restore motor functions such as walking, standing, and going up and downstairs.


The present smart prosthesis is equipped with sensors, actuators, controls, and a mechanical structure that simulates the function of a natural limb and reduces the metabolic energy of above-knee amputees, allowing them to achieve various effective daily movements.

The newly designed smart artificial knee joint is distinguished by its special and very high efficiency for both mechanical and electronic aspects, the new design of the smart artificial knee joint has been proven to be 100% successful as a passive mechanical movement and electronic movement. Further, It operates when power is cut from the source, and it has the ability to move very smoothly and raise the leg highly, where achieves great success in the swing phase and achieves deceleration and acceleration with very high accuracy.

It is characterized by moving at different speeds slow, medium, and high. Several important aspects have also been achieved, including reducing the total cost of smart prosthetics by $2,895, while the price of smart prosthetics around the world is $30,000 to $100,000. The above-knee amputee weighs 110 kg and provides an intelligent knee joint flexion angle of 120 degrees. The design is according to the natural standard dimensions of the knee and leg joints of the human body, and it bears a force of 5000 Newton, which is a standard force to bear the performance of effective daily movements with high accuracy. It meets the requirements of Iraqi society and the wide world for smart prosthetic limbs.