Publishing a book

The new book has been published

Selected topics in mechanical engineering


In the German publishing house Lambert, the book was written by a group of teachers from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Technology. The group included:

· Prof. Jafar Mahdi Hassan

· Dr.Lith Jaafar Habib

Nizar Yasser Jassim

Selected topics in mechanical engineering is an important and necessary issue in various engineering fields. All engineers and professionals need the basic knowledge about this subject to improve their skills and practice on how to establish their own test rigs in terms of design and material requirement (Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer), process and control tooling, manufacturing, measuring instruments, equipment, and the use of sophisticated and skillful computer software programs.

        Therefore, this book is mainly devoted to help graduate students who are not familiar with the designing and constructing test rig to conduct their experimental projects, especially for the ‘Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer’ projects. It is also useful for postgraduate students during their higher studies to develop their ability to design and build the test rig for the MSc and PhD work. Moreover, it is beneficial for working engineers in the Research and Development Centers to enhance their scientific capability and gives them the proper procedure to design and construct the relevant test rigs.

              Thus, all chapters of this book are presented in the simplest Arabic style, and great efforts are made to compose the book free from error. However, comments are welcomed to improve the book, which can be sent to the authors. All the list of references at the end of the book chapter's is available electronically and as hard copies in the library of the Mechanical Engineering Department – University of Technology.

      Finally, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all efforts and endeavors presented by the department facilities to prepare this book and we hope it is advantageous and will result in beneficial outcomes.


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