The Department of Mechanical Engineering organized an awareness lecture on (Negative Aspects in the University Community)

The Educational Guidance Committee in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Technology, in coordination with the Educational Guidance Committee in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering branch, organized on Wednesday 5/1/2022 at 11:00 am at Dr. Munir Al-Mudhaffar’s hall an awareness lecture on (negative manifestations in the university environment), the lieutenant colonel Aziz Nasser from the Baghdad Governorate Police Command presented this lecture, where he dealt with several axes, the most important of which are: the phenomenon of bullying and its negative effects on society in general and the university community in particular, and how to address this phenomenon and prevent its aggravation among students, as well as the phenomenon of drugs and their impact on youth and society, acquainting students with their dangers, causes of their spread, ways of using them, and their health, physical and social harms, and clarifying their types and forms, and ways to prevent them.

Then issues of electronic extortion and bad use of social media and the process of threatening and intimidating victims in exchange for payment of sums of money or exploiting it by publishing pictures or video materials or leaking confidential information about him to carry out illegal acts for the benefit of blackmailers, and the presenter referred to this crime, which is a trans-state crime and does not recognize within limits, where the work of the security services depends on the citizen’s cooperation with the police and security, confronting crime and not being afraid of it and reporting it, explaining how to confront this extortion by spreading legal culture among young people and increasing public opinion’s awareness of the dangers of this type of crime, educating the family and contributing to launching campaigns raising awareness and guidance from time to time, and cooperating with the relevant security agencies.