Oral Defense - Master Thesis


Titled “Study the performance of a ground heat exchanger for air conditioning system in residential building”

By:  Saif Hameed Majeed

Examination committee members:


Asst. Prof. Dr. Hassanein Mohammed Hussein


Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Sabri Abbas

Dr. Ali Falah Muhammad

By Supervision:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Dheya Ghanim Mutasher

Dr. Ammar Saadoun Abdelzahra


Mr. Saif Hameed Majeed successfully discussed his thesis in the mechanical engineering department. The thesis of the student (Saif Hameed Majeed) aimed to improve the performance of air conditioning systems through the use of underground heat, which in turn reduces energy consumption.

The researcher concluded that when the flow rates are low (5 liters/min), the difference between the entry and exit temperature of the geothermal heat exchanger is large, and gradually decreases as the flow rates increase (10, 15 liters/min).

As for the inlet water temperature, at 80 °C and the flow rate 5 l/min, the water exit temperatures were 64, 68.2, 73.5, 76, 77 °C while using the copper coil type, U type copper pipe, U type galvanized iron pipe, PVC pipe and PVC U, respectively. The amount of heat energy transmitted was (5.81, 4.81, 2.72, 1.60, 1.32 kW) for (copper coil, U type copper, U type galvanized iron, PVC coil, PVC U type, respectively, at the inlet temperature (80 °C) and the flow of .rate (5 liters/min).

The researcher recommended the use of a soil depth of more than 3 meters, due to the stability of temperatures at this depth, in addition to the use of low flow rates, which leads to an increase in the heat transfer rate of (5 l/m) and that the use of copper metal is the best because it is characterized by high conductivity.


Congratulations! To our student Mr. Saif Hameed Majeed