Oral Defense - Master Thesis


Titled” Experimental Study of Air Ejector Drying System Performance”

By:  Hassan Salim Jawad

Examination committee members: Chair: Dr. Zainab Hassoun Hassan

 Members: Dr. Essam Mohamed Ali

                    Dr. Suhad Abdel Hamid Rashid

Supervision: Dr. Qusay Jihad Abdel Ghafour


Mr. Hassan Salim Jawad successfully discussed his thesis on December 7, 2021, at 9:00 am, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Technology. This thesis aimed to conduct a test of the drying process for food and the process of drying and pasteurizing at the same time for milk, with a test of the cooling process using a system in which the injector is an essential part.

The major conclusions of this study are:

  • Increasing the initial pressure leads to an increase in drying efficiency, cooling efficiency and moisture loss rate for the product.
  • The vacuum drying process does not lead to product damage.

The major recommendations of this study are:

  • Using an air compressor with a larger capacity, working within higher initial pressures.
  • Using a two-stage injector, as well as using a simulation program for the numerical study of the injector system.

Congratulations! To our student Mr. Hassan Salim Jawad