Cinque Terre

Najmuldeen Yousif Mahmood

Mechanical Engineering Department


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I am working as a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Department from 2012 till now. I am very interesting in Applied mechanics, strength of materials, Mechanical behavior, Machine design, and Materials engineering.

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"M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering / Applied Mechanics
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering / General Mechanics"

"Applied Mechanics
Mechanical Properties
Engineering Design
Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Mechanical Testing
Mechanics of Materials
Mechanical Engineering
Tensile Testing"

"Mechanical engineering Design I & II(for third class)
Mechanical engineering Design III & IV (for forth class)
Strength of Materials Lab.
Static Lab.

Acknowledgement about (20) from university president and department head.
Public job training: University of Technology – Administration Department with the Department of Applied Sciences, 2014.
Two courses for English Language: Global English Institute, 2012.
Computing & Computer Software training: Computer Center – university of Technology, 2008.