Library Definition:

A scientific, cultural, and engineering space aimed at collecting information sources and developing them through various methods (such as purchasing, exchanging, donating, and depositing), organizing them (indexing, classifying, and arranging them on shelves), retrieving them as quickly as possible, and providing them to the community of beneficiaries (readers and researchers) in their various capacities through a range of traditional services such as lending services, references, periodicals as ongoing services, selective dissemination of information, and other computerized services, all facilitated by a qualified human staff in the field of library and information science.


Library Objectives:

1- Loaning books to postgraduate students (Master's and Ph.D.) and professors.

2- Internal loaning of theses for postgraduate students.

3- Providing theses and some books electronically via CDs.

4- Facilitating various library services and other engineering activities required by the educational program.

5- Accessing engineering information from available sources in the library.

6- Encompassing engineering references, books, journals, and postgraduate theses for both Master's and Ph.D. levels related to the curriculum.

Responsibilities of the Library Section in the Department: A librarian with expertise in library science is responsible for the library section.


Instructions and Regulations for the Library:

1- Complete silence when entering, inside, and leaving the library, avoiding crowding and speaking loudly near the library.

2- Mobile phone usage is prohibited inside the library; it should be set to silent mode or airplane mode during library visits.

3- Personal belongings and deposits should be placed in the designated area at the library entrance, and the owner is responsible for them.

4- Avoid damaging references in any way (tearing, writing, drawing inside books or on tables and walls).

5- Internal loaning of references and rare books is done personally by the borrower student; external loans to students are strictly prohibited.

6- After finishing with references, leave them on the table without hiding them or depriving others from accessing them, and return to the responsible staff member for further assistance.

7- Borrowing books by professors and students is allowed for a maximum period of one month.



1- Professors and postgraduate students (Master's and Ph.D.) from the department are allowed internal and external loans.

2- Professors and postgraduate students (Master's and Ph.D.) from other departments and universities are allowed internal loans only.


 Information available in the library pertains to engineering topics in the fields of mathematics, programming, mechanics, fluids, thermodynamics, internal combustion, HVAC, refrigeration, and automobiles.


Services Provided by the Library:

  • Loaning books and theses to students and professors.
  • Ask the Librarian service: Students can inquire about the availability and location of required books on the shelves, facilitating ease and time-saving for students.
  • The person responsible for the library section conducts regular statistics of loaned books each month based on pre-registered information in the record.
  • Work environment within the library.
  • Addition of newly received books to the library by the responsible person in special records, indexing them, and placing them on designated shelves.


Book Title


Advanced Machine Theory

John Hanna

Principles of Machine Theory

John Hanna

Vibrations Theory and Applications

T. William Thompson

Mechanics (Dynamics)


Mechanics (Statics)


First Engineering Drawing

Abdul Rasool Abdul Hussein

Second Engineering Drawing

Abdul Rasool Abdul Hussein

Descriptive Engineering

Dr. Jasim Al-Hayani

Principles of Refrigeration and Freezing Engineering

Dr. Khalid Al-Joudi

Applied Air Conditioning and Refrigeration


Applied Thermodynamics

Thomas Warhen

Fundamentals of Heat Transfer


Heat Transfer


Car Maintenance

Dr. Abbas Al-Azawi

Car Maintenance and Repair

Mr. Talib Hassan Jasim

Aircraft Performance

Prof. Asim Hameed Youssef Al-Deraji

Fluid Mechanics

Dr. Victor Stretim

Engineering Metallography (Metals)

Dr. Aref

Engineering Mechanics

Dr. Wajih Al-Rifai - Dr. Mowaffaq Ahmed

Thermodynamics (Heat)

Dr. Rahim Jowi

Metal Cutting

Dr. Mohammed Al-Turangi - Dr. Diaa Shanshel

Descriptive Engineering

Medhat Fadel Fathallah

Mechanical Engineering


Fuel Technology

Dr. Jaber Shanshool

Shom Series


Internal Combustion Engines

Dr. Younis Al-Fakhri

Materials Resistance

Dr. Magdy Ibrahim

Car Dynamics

Dr. Shirko Shaker Fatah

Car Theory

Dr. Shirko Shaker Fatah

Manufacturing Techniques

Dr. Dakheel Hassan

Automatic Control Engineering

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Khatib

Compressed Air Dynamics

Dr. Shawkat Jawad

Basic Electrical Engineering

Dr. Mazhar Anwar - Dr. Mohamed Zaki

Geometric Mathematics

Dr. Khaled Abdel Hamid

Industrial Engineering

Dr. Adel Abdel Malik

Basics of Computing (BASIC)

Dr. Mohammed Ali Shallal

Basics of Computing (Fortran)

Dr. Hassan Al-Dulfi

Gas Dynamics Principles

Dr. Muthir Ismail

Principles of Fluid Dynamics

Dr. Jameel Al-Malaika

Car Mechanics

Author: Kraus - Translator: Dr. Ahmed Abbas

Human Rights, Child Rights and Democracy

Prof. Maher Saleh - Alawi Al-Jubouri