Cinque Terre

Muhsin N. Hamza

Mechanical Engineering Department


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Prof. Dr. Mohsin N Hamzah, esteemed as both the Dean and a distinguished Mechanical Engineering professor, is renowned for his groundbreaking contributions in Applied Mechanics. With a Ph.D. from Baghdad University in 2007, an M.Sc. from Al-Nahrain University in 1996, and a B.Sc. from Baghdad University in 1993, Dr. Hamzah boasts a rich academic background. His prolific research output, spanning over 70 journal and conference papers, attests to his profound impact on the field. Dr. Hamzah's expertise encompasses stress analysis, mechanical vibrations, prosthetics, and constitutive modeling of elastomers and biological tissues, demonstrating his versatility and depth of knowledge in Mechanical Engineering.

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PhD in Mechanical Engineering – Applied Mechanics – Stress Analysis

 Nonlinear Elasticity, Automotive Safety, Constitutive Modelling of Hyperelastic Materials (Rubbers and Biological Tissues)