Cinque Terre

Prof. Dr. Hayder Abed Dhahad

Faculty Member of Mechanical Engineering Dept.

Vice president of Scientific Affairs and Higher Education Studies - University of Technology- Iraq

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"Professor Dhahad received his Ph.D. (2014) in Mechanical Engineering from University of Technology- Iraq. He graduated from University of Technology - Iraq in 1994 and 1998 for his bachelor and master degrees. Currently, he is a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq. Also, he has a position of a vice president of scientific affairs and higher education studies - University of Technology- Iraq. He authored and co-authored nearly 50 papers published in high ranking prestigious international journals and conferences. Recently, he is a guest editor for energies journal for special issue "Hydrogen - New Alternative Fuel". His research fields focus on renewable energy, biofuels, IC engines, combustion, solar Energy, fuel cells.

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PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq,2014.

MSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq, 1998.

BSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq, 1994.

Renewable Energy, Combustion, Solar Energy, Fuel Cell, Thermofluid

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For MSc Level:

Advanced measurements

For BSc Level:

Level 4: Measurements

Level 4: Internal combustion engines design

Many certificates of appreciation from the Minister of Higher Education and the President of the University of Technology.