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Wafa Abd Soud

Mechanical Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

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"Wafa got engineering degree from University of technology. Baghdad-Iraq /Mechanical Engineering department in 1990 .In the same year ,become an engineer in Mechanical Engineering Department . In 1995,I successfully earned my Master degree in Applied Mechanics at University of Technology Iraq, Baghdad. Then I become a member of the Teaching staff in the department . In 2008 ,I was earned Phd in mechanical engineering department /university of technology .then I've got my scientific degree as lecture in mechanical. 2015 I've got my degree as an Assitant Professor.till now "

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"1990 B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering Departement - Univesity of Technology-Baghdad -Iraq.
1995 M.Sc in Applied Mechanics - Mechanical Engineering Departement - Univesity of Technology-Baghdad -Iraq.
2008 Ph.D in Applied Mechanics - Mechanical Engineering Departement - Univesity of Technology-Baghdad -Iraq.

mechanical vibration - machine design -system design - stress analysis - vibration analysis -composite material - roror dynamic system .

1-"Effects of different types of fillers on dry wear characteristics of carbon-epoxy composite
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2-"Experimental Study of 3D Printing Density Effects on the Mechanical Properties of the Carbon-Fiber and Polylactic Acid Specimens
MRA Wafa A. Soud,Ihsan A. Baqer
Engineering and Technology Journal 37, 128-132 , Part A. No. 04, 2019"

3-"Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Vibration of a Drum Type Washing Machine at Different Speeds
IM Shihab, WA Soud, NA Jebur
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4-"Dynamic Analysis of Fluid–Structure Interaction of Axial Fan System
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5-"Effects Of Different Types Of Ceramic Fillers On Wear Characteristics Of Glass Fibres-Epoxy Composite
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6-"Design optimisation for a novel underactuated robotic finger by genetic algorithms
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7-"Vibration Response of Free and Force Analysis of a Rectangular Plate
WA Soud, RA Dayaa
Journal of University of Babylon for Engineering Sciences 26 (8), 298-308"

WA Soud
Iraqi journal of mechanical and material engineering 15 (4), 308-318"

9-"The Effect of Soil Content, Drilling Parameters and Drilling Tool Diameter on the Vibration Assessment in the Drilling Rig
MA Tawfik, WA Soud, RS Alwan
Al-Khwarizmi Engineering Journal 11 (1), 93-112"

10- "Axial Fan Bearing System Vibration Analysis
MA Tawfik, AH Yousif
Journal of Engineering 18 (2), 184-202 2012

Engineering drawing , Mechanical Drawing , Statics,Dynamics, machine Design I,Machine Design II, vehiacl dynamics ,composite Material , machine design of cars ,Mechanical vibratin ,Noise , System Design ,Physics I.Strength of Material .

"More than five thanks from the president of university of technology
More than fifteen thanks from the Dean of Mechanical Engineering Departement at university of technology.
the Medal of Creativity from the Platform OREAD
Congratulation on the occasion of women's day.
and other more ........"