Cinque Terre

Akeel Ali Wannas

Mechanical Engineering Department


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Dr. Wannas's research focuses on Inventions in the field of mechanical engineering. In addition to this he is interested in field work and scientific research.

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"Finite Element Analysis
Design Engineering
Stress Analysis
Applied Mechanics
Control Systems Engineering
Automotive Engineering

1-Akeel Ali Wannas;Multi-layered evaporative media module for heat exchange apparatus; US Patent 9,109,839, 2015

2-Akeel Ali Wannas;Flow directors;US Patent US9546822 B2

3-Akeel Ali Wannas;RBFNN model for prediction recognition of tool wear in hard turing;Journal of Engineering and Applies Science 3 (10), 780-785

4-Akeel Ali Wannas, MK Abd;Nonlinear response of uniformly loaded paddle cantilever based upon intelligent techniques; Res. J. Applied Sci 3, 566-571

5-STATIC CALIBRATION OF TRIAXIAL ACCELEROMETER USING NONLINEAR NUMERICAL METHOD;EN Abdulwahab, MI Mohsin, AA Wannas;Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development 19 (4), 69-82

6-Low-Cost Attitude and Heading Reference System Filter Using Complementary Method; EN Abdulwahab, MI Mohsin, AA Wannas; Engineering and Technology Journal 33 (9), 2159-2173

"Stability and control of airplane
Mechanical engineering
Strength of materials"

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