Cinque Terre

Ali Alkhalf

Mechanical Engineering Department


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"Work experience
• CFD simulation of (cross & parallel) flow in packed bed for RCE and PFR shaft kilns.
• Simulation models: Real particle model RPM and porous media model PMM for bed in RCE and PFR shaft kilns. • Particles Contact point treatment (Gap, Overlap, Bridge)
• Experimental study of Mixing flow in structured and unstructured bed / Cross & Parallel
low mixing. • Numerical simulation of flame length in the bed RPM & PMM of RCE & PFR kilns/ Non
premixed and species combustion model"

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Fluid Dynamic, Thermodynamic

1-• Ali Alkhalaf, H. A. Refaey, Nabeh Al-durobi, E. Specht. Influence of contact point treatment on the cross flow mixing in a simple cubic packed bed: CFD simulation and experimental validation, 2018, Granular Matter 20:22.

2-• Kamyar Mohammadpour, Ali Alkhalaf, Eckehard Specht. CFD simulation of cross-?ow mixing in a packed bed using porous media model and experimental validation, 2018, Computational Particle Mechanics.

3-• A. Alkhalaf and E. Specht. Prediction of cross flow mixing in the structured packed bed through CFD simulation using (FBM and PMM) and validation with experiments,2017, Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics.

4-• A. Alkhalaf, H. Woche, and E. Specht. Experimental investigation of cross flow mixing in an unstructured bed, 2016, Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy.

5-• Ali Alkhalaf, H. A. Refaey, Nabeh Al-durobi, E. Specht. CFD Simulation and Experimental Validation of Cross Flow Mixing in Body Center Cubic Packed Bed and Comparison with PMM Accepted in the (Twelfth International Conference of Fluid Dynamics 19-20 December, 2016, Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel, Cairo, EGYPT.

6-• Specht, E.; Mohammadpour, K.; Alkhalaf, A. Ermittlung der Flammenlänge von gasförmigen Brennstoffen in Schachtöfen.VDI-Berichte Nr. 267, 2015. VDI Verlag GmbH Düsseldorf, 291-299.(ISBN 978-3-18-092267-6).

Power Plant, Steam Generator

Attending to the workshop at OVGU- CEE, for Master Students to hold a lecture with exercises of two weeks in November 2019, "CFD Simulation of Real Reactive Flow in Packed Beds"