Cinque Terre Qusay Jihad Abdul Ghafoor

Faculty Member of Mechanical Engineering Dept

University of Technology- Iraq

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Asst, Prof Qusay Jihad Abdul Ghafoor achieved his Ph.D. (2001) in Mechanical Engineering from University of Baghdad- Iraq. He graduated from University of Technology - Iraq in 1983 and 1992 for his bachelor and master degrees. Currently, he is a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq. He authored and co-authored nearly 30 papers published in high ranking prestigious international journals and conferences. Recently, he is specialist in thermal fields (solar energy, air conditioning, refrigeration, heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics

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PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Baghdad- Iraq, 2001
MSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq, 1992
BSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq, 1983

Solar Energy, heat transfer, air conditioning, refrigeration, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics

1-Development of design chart for solar cooling systems part 1 (Computer simulation for a solar cooling systems and development of solar cooling design charts), energy conversion and management 44-2,313-339, Jan 2003.-

2-Development of design chart for solar cooling systems part 2 (application of the cooling f-Chart), energy conversion and management 44-2,341-355, Jan 2003.

3-A general velocity profile for a laminar boundary layer over flat plate with zero incidence. Journal of engineering, university of Baghdad.

4- دراسة عملية لتاثير الحز النافذ على اداء ناشرة ثنائية البعد"“ (study of the effect of permeable slot on the performance of two dimensional diffuser) “Journal of engineering and technology .Vol.27. pp157 – 170. 2009

5-"دراسة عملية لجريان مضطرب لاانضغاطي خلال ناشرة تقليدية ومطورة ثنائية البعد " ( experimental study for turbulent incompressible flow through a conventional and modified two dimensional diffuser) “Sixth scientific conference of engineering collage..April 5 – 7. 2009 university of Baghdad / Iraq

6- "دراسة عملية لتاثير زاوية الانفراج على موقع الانفصال في ناشرة ثنائية البعد" Experimental study of the effect of the divergent angle on the location of flow separation) “11th conference of technical collage. March 23 – 24 .2009 Baghdad /Iraq

7- "دراسة عملية لاداء الاسطح الانتقائية لمجمعات الطاقة الشمسية المسطحة" مجلة المهندس Journal of engineering No.4 vol.20 April 2014 ( experimental study of the performance of the selective surfaces used in solar energy collectors)

8- Experimental study of the effect of ventilated cavity wall on building cooling load Journal of engineering and technology vol.33A. No.7.2015

9- دراسة عملية لتاثير التجويف المغلق في جدران المباني على احمال التبريد (study of the effect of the cavity wall on buildings cooling load) (under process)

10- experimental and theoretical study of vacuum cooling system Eng. &Tech. Journal, Vol.31, Part (A), No.14, 2013

For PhD level: cryogenic systems
For MSc Level: advanced heat transfer, solar energy, advanced thermodynamics
For BSc Level:
Level 1: mathematics
Level 3: heat transfer