Cinque Terre

Lecturer. Sundus Huseein Abed

Faculty Member of Mechanical Engineering Dept

University of Technology- Iraq

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MSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq, 2003
BSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq, 1997

Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, fluid , heat transfer, Air-conditioning

Experimental Study on the Impact of External Geometrical shape on Free and Forced convection time Dependent Average heat transfer coefficient during cooling process AI-Khwarizmi Engineering Journal ,volume 8, Issue4,Page74-89 -

The Effect of Changing the Shape of an Absorber Plate on The Temperature Distribution of The Storage Solar Collector Engineering and Technology Journal 29 (5), 241-250

For BSc Level:
Level 1: Mathematics I
Level 2: Heat transfer Lab

Certificates of appreciation from the President of the University of Technology.