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Khaleel Ibrahim Abaas

Mechanical Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

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Khaleel finished his BSc in Mechanical Eng. Dept. at University of Technology at 1981. Since 1985 he is a member in the Mechanical Eng. Depart. staff. At 2007 he earned his MSc in Mechanical Eng (Renewable Energies) degree. He has more than 50 published papers in Iraqi and International journals.

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B.Sc. at 1981, M.Sc. at 2007

Renewable energies, Power generation

1-"Khaleel I abass ,Abdel heating purposes, Inter national journal of civil , mechanical and energy science (I jcmes) vol 2, issue 4 , july – aug. 2016 ,issn 2455- 53o4 , p.p 57- 63 ."

2-"Chaichan M T , Abaas Kh. I. , Kazem H A, Sultan Al Jibori, and Uzaldin S.Abdul Hussain, Novel design of solar receiver in concentrated solar power system ( Accepted at International j. of Multi displ. Research & Adves. In Engg.(IJMRAE) , ISSN 0975-7074, vol.5 , No.1, pp.211-226 (January 2013 ) ."

3-"Chaichan M T, Abaas Kh. I., Rasheed M A and Kazem H A, Using paraffin wax as a thermal storage material in a solar air heater, (Accepted at International Conference for Renewable Energies, UOT, Baghdad, Iraq, 2013)."

Internal Combustion Engines, Mechanical Drawings, Thermodynamics, Mathmatics

25 acknowledgement book from the mechanical Eng. Dept. and University of Technology President.