No. Published scientific researches for 2014 Download here
1 Gazy F. Al-Sumaily, Forced Convection Heat Transfer From a Bankof Circular Cylinders Embedded in a PorousMedium”, Journal of Heat Transfer · April 2014.  
2 Dr. Arkan Al Taie, “Experimental and Numerical Investigation ofConvective Heat Transfer in aCircular Tubewith Internal square ribs”,Journal of Babylon University/Engineering Sciences/ No.(4)/ Vol.(22): 2014.
3 AzherRazzaqHadiWitwit, AzmanYasin, Horizon Gitano, Mohammed Ismael Mahmood, “Best Multiple Non-linear Model Factors for knock Engine (SI) by using ANFIS”, Asian Journal of Applied Sciences (ISSN: 2321 – 0893) Volume 02 – Issue 04, August 2014.  
4 Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohsin NooriHamzah, “VISCOELASTIC RESPONSE OF THE THORAX UNDER DYNAMIC LOADING”, Al-Qadisiya Journal For Engineering Sciences, Vol. 7,No. 3,2014.  
5 Khalil Ibrahim Abaas, “The Effect of Using a Paraffin Wax-Aluminum Chip Compound As Thermal Storage Materials in a Solar Air Heater”, Issue No. 34/2014.  
6 Samir Ali Amin Al-Rubaie, Qasim Abbas Atiah, ZuhairAltaher, “Determination of Optimum Welding Parameters for FSW”, Al-Khwarizmi Engineering Journal, Vol. 11, No. 1, P.P.51-64, 2015.  
7 Dr. Shaker Sakran Hassan, Dr. Sadeq Hussein Bakhy, Athraa Ali Jawad, “Effects of Welding Position, Heat Treatments, and Surface Roughness on the Fatigue Behavior of Welded Aluminum Alloys Using Friction Stir Welding”, Eng. & Tech. Journal ,Vol.32, Part (A), No.11, 2014.  
8 Wahid Shati Mohammad, Abbas J Jubear, “Numerical Simulation of The Influence of Geometric Parameter on The FlowBehavior in a Solar Chimney Power Plant system”, Journal of Engineering, Number 8 Volume 20 August – 2014.  
9 Adel M. Salih and Miqdam T.Chaichan, “The effect of initial pressure and temperature upon thelaminar burning velocity and flamestability forpropane-air mixtures”, September 2014.  
10 IhsanA.Baqer, “A Novel Fingertip Design for Slip DetectionUnder Dynamic Load Conditions”, Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics · March 2014.  
11 Dr. Wahid S. Mohammad, Assad Oda Jassim, “Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Propane/Butaneand Propane/Isobutane Mixtures as an Alternative to R134a in aDomestic Refrigerator”, Eng. & Tech. Journal ,Vol.32, Part (A), No.5, 2014.  
12 Dr. Hussein M. Al-Khafaji, Prof. Dr. Muhsin J. Jweeg, “Compensating the End-Effector Position of Semi-Flexible Robot Using Smart Structure Technique”, Basrah Journal for Engineering Sciences, vol. 14, no. 2, 2014.  
13 Dr. Akeel Abdullah Mohammed, Bashar Ali Mohammed, Dr. Raheem JewiMuhee, “Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Tube Fitted withNozzleTurbulators, Perforated Nozzle-Turbulators withDifferent hole shap”, Eng. &Tech.Journal, Vol. 32,Part (A), No.10, 2014.  
14 Ahmed S. Yousif, Gary L. Solbrekken, “Analysis of using ferrofluid as an interface material in a fieldreversible thermal connector”, Journal of Electronic Packaging, Transactions of the ASME · November 2014.  
15 Mladen A. Tomić, Predrag M. Živković, Mića V. Vukić, Sadoon K. Ayed, “METODOLOGIJA ZA ODREĐIVANJE KOEFICIJENTA PRELAZATOPLOTE ZA PERFORIRANU PLOČU”, October 2014.  
16 Hayder A. Dhahad, Ekhlas M. Alfayyadh ,Mohammed A. Abdulhadi, T. Megaritis, “An Investigation of the Relation Between Combustion Phase and Emissions of ULSD & RME Biodiesel with a Common-Rail HSDI Diesel Engine”, ASME 2014 12th Biennial Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis, June 25-27, 2014.  
17 Jumaa S. Chiad, Sadeq H. Bakhy, Ali. J. Abbed, “Study, Measuring and Vibration Data Analysis for Hip Replacement Patient during Daily Activities”, International Journal of Advanced Sport Sciences Research Vol.2 No.4, December 2014, 429-442.  
18 Miqdam T. Chaichan, Khalil I. Abaas, HumamM.Salih, “Practical Investigation for Water Solar Thermal Storage System Enhancement Using Sensible and Latent Heats in Baghdad-Iraq Weathers”, June 2014.  
19 Qahtan Al-Nakeeb, “Investigation Of The Accumulated Heat OfConcentrating Thermal Storage System InBaghdad/Iraqi Weather”, Journal of the Association of Arab Universities for Basic and Applied Sciences · January 2014.  
20 ArkanAltaie,Moayed R. Hasan andFarhan Lafta Rashid, Numerical Heat Transfer and Turbulent Flow in a Circular TubeFitted with Opened Rings Having Square Cross Section”, Journal of Basic and AppliedScientific Research, 28-36, 2014.  
21 Wahid S. Mohammad, Talib K. Murtadha, KarrarA.Ahmed, “Using TermoDeck System for Pre-Cooling/ Heating to Control the Building Inside Conditions”, Al-Khwarizmi Engineering Journal, Vol. 10, No. 3, P.P. 13- 24 (2014).  
22 Dr. Mohsin NooriHamzah, Mahmood ShakirNima, “Hyperelastic Constitutive Modelling for Fiber-Reinforced Rubber Materials”,  1st International Conference on Engineering Science Applications, Kerbala, 24th-25th December 2014.  
23 LaithJaaferHabeeb, Wahid Shati Mohammad , Maher abdalrazaqrashed, “Studying the Heat Transfer Characteristics in a box withHorizontal Parallel Heated Plates”, MitteilungenKlosterneuburg · October 2014.  
24 Asst. Prof. Dr. Shibly Ahmed Al-Samarraie, Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohsin N. Hamzah, “Full Order Sliding Mode Control Design for VehicleABS System”, The Second Engineering Conference of Control, Computers and Mechatronics Engineering ECCCM2, 2014.  

JafarM. Hassan,Thamer A. Mohamed,Wahid S.MohammedandWissam H. Alawee, “Modeling the Uniformity of Manifold with Various Configurations”, Journal of Fluids, Volume 2014, Article ID 325259, 8 pages, 2014.

26 Jafar M. Hassan, Thamer A. Mohamed, Wahid S. Mohammed, Wissam H. Alawee, “Experimental and Numerical Study on the Improvement of Uniformity Flow for Three-Lateral Dividing Manifold”, World Research & Innovation Convention on Engineering & Technology 2014, Putrajaya, Malaysia, 25-26 November 2014.  
27 Mahmoud A. Mashkour, LaithJaaferHabeeb, HazimJassimJaber, “Natural convection in a partially Opened Box Filled Witha Porous Medium”, January 2014.  
28 Jafar M. Hassan, Wahid S. Mohammed, Thamer A. Mohamed, Wissam H. Alawee, “CFD Simulation for Manifold with Taperedlongitudinal Section”, International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering, Volume 4, Issue 2, February 2014.  
29 Raid.A. Alwan, M.A. Wahid, A.A.A. Abuelnuor and Arkan.AlTaie, “NOx Characteristics in Asymmetric Vortex Combustion”, November 2014.  
30 AzherRazzaqHadiWitwit, AzmanYasin, Horizon Gitanoand Mohammed Ismael Mahmood, “Statistical Analysis for Multiple Non-linear Knock Factors in Internal Combustion Engine”, Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 663 (2014) pp 373-380.  
31 Dr. Ibtihal Al-Namie, Dr. Mahmoud A. Mashkour, Ali Abu Al-heel Qasim, “The Effect of Ceramic Coating on Performance and Emission of Diesel Engine Operated on Diesel Fuel and Biodiesel Blends”, Journal of EngineeringNumber 6 Volume 20 June – 2014.  
33 Hussein J. Akeiber, Mazlan A. Wahid,Hasanen M. Hussen and Abdulrahman Th. Mohammad, “Review of Development Survey of Phase Change MaterialModels in Building Applications”, Scientific World Journal, Volume 2014, Article ID 391690, 11 pages, 2014.  

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