Legal Unit

About the unit

It is considered one of the important and vital units in the mechanical engineering department and that is according to its tasks. The legal affairs unit is linked to the deputy head of department for administrative affairs. The unit serves as a legal reference for other units of the department and from this point it shows the deep connections between the unit’s work and other units’ work. The legal unit provides legal advice for all the issues that needs legal reference in it and it is considered the pivot of the administrative work in general. The nature of the work is shown below:

  • The main tasks:
  • Legal advice :

the legal affairs unit answers all the inquiries of the department that comes from the department head and his deputies. Below is a list of the paperwork done by the unit

The tasks from the department head

From 1/12/2016 to 1/4/2017


Tasks from the administrative deputy

1/12/2016 to 1/4/2017


Tasks from the scientific deputy

1/12/2016 to 1/4/2017


Department staff and faculty



Advice and recommendations for the department head and deputies



Tasks sent to he head of the university legal affairs



  • Presenting the university and the department against courts and legal offices:

One of the main tasks that was appointed to the department legal unit is to defend the department against courts and legal offices and is summarized as follows:


Location of lawsuit

  • Al-karrada court counterfeit transcripts                      9
  • Al-karrada court fake ID                                                     1         
  • Ministry of Youth and sport counterfeit graduation certificate 1


3- certification of contracts and bonds:

The legal affairs office was granted permission of notary services so that it is possible to:

  • Certify special bonds for the department employees in order to issue automobile badges
  • Certify special bonds of study.
  • Certify certificates for general purposes.

1- bonds for car badges                 2017                       10

2- bonds for graduate studies     2017                       61

3- bonds for graduate studies     2017                       8

4- bonds for graduate studies     2017                       8

5- bond replacement                     2017                       3

6- marriage bonds                           2017                       83

7- lab bonds                                       2017                       21

8- verification of salary proxy      2017                       10

9- bonds for student hosting       2017                       30

10- undergraduate bonds            2017                       158

Periodic tasks:

The periodic tasks of the legal unit include temporary and permanent committees formed by the department or the university. Below are some of the most important committees:

1- investigative committees.

2- estimation committees.

3- political affairs.

4- university supervision.

5- student affairs.

6- student enforcement committees

7- student grant committees

8- task completion committees

9- verification committees

10- student welocoming



1-enforcement                 2017                      

2- student grant                2017

3- student affairs              2017

4- student statisics           2017

5- estimation                     2017

6- student welcoming    2017

7- political affairs                                              2014-2015


Other tasks

  • Organization of private records of the legal affairs unit.
  • Completion of tasks assigned by the department head and his deputies.



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